BARREL 5 {Gold}

BARREL 5 {Gold}


This barrel is an 11 year old barrel from Heaven Hill Distillery with some truly great characteristics.  This barrel was chosen because of its strong notes and deep characteristics.  We knew this Robust Dark Amber syrup with a translucency of 29% would create a complex and robust barrel aged maple syrup.  

Syrup Notes:  Expect a strong maple presence with deep barrel notes of vanilla, and the strong presence of dried fruit, cherries, plum and fig in the finish.  This barrel is like no other barrel we will release in 2017.  

Recommended Uses:  Great paired with meats, glazed on poultry, finished for bacon and ribs, apple pie drizzle, enhance your coffee

Ingredients:  All natural 100% Grade A Maple Syrup (no additives)


Made in USA