We believe a superior barrel and award winning syrup makes for a phenomenal product. Hand picking the right barrel and pairing it with the right syrup makes for the best  experience.  Each barrel has its own characteristics to create a truly unique product. Subtle vanilla, cinnamon and a finish of oak with characteristics of dried fruit are just some of the flavors you can expect.

Our process starts in a hunt for the best barrels.  We believe the best barrels come from the best whiskey.  These are the barrels we use in the aging process.  Barrels 1, 3, and 5 were handpicked with the product in them, outstanding whiskey and outstanding beer gives you the barrel with the foundation for outstanding barrel aged maple syrup

What is as exciting as our Maple Syrup  are the products still to come.  Cheese, Cheese Cake, Fudge and Coffee are all in process and we're excited to offer these delicious and unique products to you.  Where do the barrels themselves go after being emptied?  Back to the brewery to create next years Maple Bourbon Imperial Stout or Maple Coffee Stout or maybe we will just suprise you.  Our process is kind of a circle of life for each barrel.  Whiskey to syrup to beer to coffee or any combination of these along the way.