our roots

At our roots we believe that great things happen when people collaborate.  This melding of knowledge between peoples backgrounds and skills come together to create something truly special.  When creating Watson's Barrel-Aged Syrup we set out to do just that.  


We started with hand picked barrels from bourbon and craft brewing and brought together the best flavors of those to create Watson’s Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup.  Each barrel is carefully selected and then paired with Grade A maple syrup.  The right quality, grade and color in the right barrel creating an exceptional maple syrup product.  


What we guarantee in our product is that we will continue the passion to hunt for the best.  The best quality, the best products, and most importantly the best pairings to bring to you what is clearly a limited edition single barrel product.  As we release the 2017 limited edition barrels, the hunt is already underway for those special barrels in both bourbon, rye, and craft brewing to blend a truly unique and special product every year. 


To accent the delicious maple syrup,  we also offer a small line of craft made mixes, to pair with each barrel.  Because at our roots we believe great things complement each other to create a truly exceptional experience.