Limited Edition Pipeworks BROWN + STIRRED {Brown}

Limited Edition Pipeworks BROWN + STIRRED {Brown}

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Lets start with “What is Brown & Stirred?”  Pipeworks in Collaboration with Longman and Eagle did a Manhattan inspired strong ale.  The ale was brewed with Cherries and “bitters”  to create that classic Manhattan cocktail experience.  Well once we got our hands on this barrel we did what we do best, we filled it with amber maple syrup and let mother nature work her magic.  The result is an amazing maple syrup with strong cherry notes and classic vermouth notes.  Our 2018 annual Pipework release is better then ever and is one that you’ll love.

Syrup Notes:  Expect a strong maple presence up front with a Cherry and Vermouth finish.  It’s a Maple Syrup with Manhattan cocktail notes 

Recommended Use:   Light desserts, pancakes or transform your holiday veggies into something amazing. Drizzle your ice cream with berries, cheesecake or make the best Manhattan ever!

Ingredients:  All natural 100% Grade A Maple Syrup (no additives)


Made in USA