Limited Edition Blaum Brothers {yellow}

Limited Edition Blaum Brothers {yellow}

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Blaum Bros “Watson” Short Barrel (46)
Aged in a 10 year old barrel that contained just 46 bottles at the time of bottling. This short barrel of bourbon is an outstanding single barrel that was handpicked by us. This is a unique opportunity to have this type of barrel with the mash bill of 75% corn 21% rye and 4% barley. Paired with an dark pure maple syrup from a mid-season tapping at the farm produced a simply outstanding barrel aged maple syrup. This is vanilla and maple with strong bourbon notes and wood tones that you would expect from a short barrel at a whole new level.

Syrup Notes:  Strong vanilla notes, maple, deep notes of cinnamon with a strong bourbon barrel finish. This barrel is best on anything!

Recommended Uses:  Use on subtle cocktails (vodka based), light desserts, pancakes or transform your holiday veggies into something amazing. Drizzle on your ice cream with berries or cheesecake.

Ingredients:  All natural 100% Grade A Maple Syrup (no additives)


Made in USA